Over the holiday season, my husband and I decided to “gift” each other a 3D ultrasound at a private clinic. We had this scan done when I was 16 weeks and 1 day.

Residing in Ontario, Canada all of my healthcare during pregnancy thus far has been covered by Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). While I realize many do not have this luxury and we are incredibly thankful for this, our healthcare system is far from perfect. At appointments (especially ultrasound appointments) I often have feelings of being rushed, not getting all of the information I requested, and not having my medical history considered. For this reason, we decided to pay for a 3D ultrasound at a private clinic as a Christmas gift to each other.

Janel and her husband at 17 weeks pregnant

Author’s Personal Collection/Janel Morphy

Below I’ll share 5 reasons why I thoroughly enjoyed the 3D ultrasound experience and why I would recommend a private ultrasound to any expecting mom!

The clinic I attended was UC Baby, although I have no financial or other affiliation to this business or the clinic.

1. The appointment time is YOUR time.

The clinic I attended had different package options. We selected the appointment type that was a 15-minute scan. Because the technician is not retrieving any medical information or measurements it is simply YOUR time to enjoy seeing your little one, hearing their heartbeat, and watching them move around. This was the best 15 minutes of our Christmas holidays!

ultrasound image - 5 Reasons to Obtain a Private Ultrasound during Pregnancy After Loss

Author’s Personal Collection/Janel Morphy

2. You can make requests.

This scan was the best we have so far in terms of providing reassurance that everything is going just as it should. At our appointment, the technician would not give us medical information, but she did her best to show us anything we asked about (e.g. the feet, spine, heartbeat, hands) and we were just able to watch them move around. She also asked if we wanted to know the gender and we said yes, but not today. She turned off the cameras to confirm and wrote the gender in an envelope for us (which I had to hide from my husband when we got home).

3. 3D gives you a new perspective!

During our appointment, the technician switched between 2D and 3D images multiple times. Although our baby was small, it was amazing seeing their little nose, hands, and umbilical cord. This gave us a new perspective on our sweet pea and that yes I am actually growing a human in my belly!

ultrasound image - 5 Reasons to Obtain a Private Ultrasound during Pregnancy After Loss

Author’s Personal Collection/Janel Morphy

4. We learned a lot!

Of course, this will differ with each person’s knowledge and experience with pregnancy, but I found the experience to be very informative. Before attending the appointment they told me to drink something sweet 30 minutes before because it makes the baby more active (that was news to me!). We were able to see the shape and placement of the umbilical cord and the placenta (which was already WAY bigger than I realized!). We also learned about fat formation and why our little baby looked so skinny. We also had a clearer idea of how the baby was positioned (at least at the time) and exactly where their head and feet were located.

5. Your loved ones can come with you.

Again, I would imagine this varies by clinic, but at our appointment my husband was able to come in for the whole appointment. Due to pandemic restrictions, his attendance at medical appointments has been quite limited, which has been very frustrating and often anxiety-inducing for both of us. This was such a calm and less frustrating experience, knowing that he would be allowed in the whole appointment, without any issues.


Maybe I didn’t read all the details of the package we purchased, but we received more than I thought we would! We received login details and were able to view and 8 pictures and a 6-minute video on our account. The video is still one my favourite things to watch! They also printed two pictures for us. We received a “goodie bag” that included a full book on pregnancy and childhood nutrition, a few magazines, and a variety of gift cards for baby-related things (e.g. car seat covers, pacifiers and nursing pillows) that valued over $300 in total.

Overall, we really enjoyed this private ultrasound experience and I believe it is a great investment to enjoy your pregnancy at any stage.

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