A children’s book series told from the perspective of a sweet boy, Ferris, explains infertility and in vitro fertilization in simple language for children to understand their family’s unique journey and celebrates the miracle Ferris is.

I'm Very Ferris

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Approximately one in eight couples experience infertility. Infertility and its treatments are complex concepts for even adults to understand. And for children conceived through infertility treatments, there are few resources that explain their family’s unique journey. I’m Very Ferris seeks to fill that hole and give young children a mirror into their journey into the world.

The I’m Very Ferris children’s book series currently has two books–I’m Very Ferris and I’m Very Ferris Takes a Bubble Bath.

I’m Very Ferris

I’m Very Ferris introduces the reader to a baby boy, Ferris, and he explains his journey to birth to the reader. His story is told in simple, age-appropriate language, describing the struggles his parents had with infertility and the treatments they went through to conceive Ferris, and transferring the embryo.

“I’m like other babies, but with a special story about my birth.”

The sweet rhyming text, coupled with the bright and friendly illustrations, make this book a must-have for families, both those who have experienced infertility as well as those who want their children to have an understanding of the many ways children come into the world. It shows the deep love parents have for their children and the avenues they’ll explore to bring a living, healthy baby into the world.

I’m Very Ferris Takes a Bubble Bath

The follow-up book, I’m Very Ferris Takes a Bubble Bath, is also told from Ferris’s point of view. Ferris gives a brief explanation of how he came into the world via IVF and then shows how he is just like every other little one, with routine adventures like taking a bath. This book is just plain fun and helps young children see that even if they were conceived differently, they’re just like other kiddos. This is a sweet book to read to your little one before bed.

If your family has experienced infertility, you’ll definitely want to add these books to your library. Purchase your copies:

About the Author

Tess Kossow reading I'm Very Ferris

Personal Collection of I’m Very Ferris author, Tess Kossow

These books are based on the real-life story of the author, Tess Kossow, and illustrated by Carla Castagno. Tess Kossow went through infertility with her husband, and with their last embryo transfer, was able to carry a baby full term. Opening the topic of a new conversation on an important subject, I’m Very Ferris welcomes children into this honest series about a special and beautiful way to create a family. You can follow Tess on Instagram.


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