Well, I’ve officially made it further than I’ve ever made it in any pregnancy. With my last pregnancy, I experienced a premature rupture of membranes at 29 weeks and 5 days and Charlie was born the next day, just one short of 30 weeks. Today, as this post goes live, I am 30 weeks pregnant.

Last weekend, our close friends and family joined us to walk in honor of Charlie and to raise money for Faith’s Lodge. After, we went to the Garden of the Sleeping Angels to hang Charlie’s memorial in the garden. All the while, Charlie’s little brother kicked away in my belly.


Going back and forth between grieving Charlie and looking forward to meeting his little brother feels so strange at times — especially with Charlie’s birthday coming up and passing the 29 weeks and 5 days milestone. Perhaps related, lately, I’ve been trying to keep busy since it makes the days go by faster, and keeps me from “getting in my head” and thinking about all of the things that could go wrong. But all of the go, go, go has started to catch up with me now that I’m in the third trimester and not sleeping very well. So maybe it’s time to slow down.

As we near July 3, we’re starting to talk more about how we plan to spend the day honoring and remembering Charlie — a year after he was born and died. Would love to hear the ways you’ve celebrated/honored your children on their angelveraries.

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