I ended up going to the hospital this past week. A part of me is a little surprised this didn’t happen sooner. I’ve made quite a few calls to the after hours on-call doctor, but the outcome of those calls usually ended up with the doctor being able to talk me out of my state of panic. However, after a few days of thinking I might be leaking amniotic fluid and my history of a PROM, I decided that this time, it was worth checking out. Thankfully, my clinic agreed. So I drove myself to the hospital and wandered through the winding hallways until I came to labor and delivery and got myself checked in. I found myself feeling thankful that it wasn’t the same hospital where I was hospitalized and eventually delivered Charlie.

Three hours, a bunch of labs and a NST later, I was discharged. I left feeling relieved and glad I got things checked out, even if everything ended up being okay. It helped that all of the nurses I saw in the hospital reassured me that it was a good thing that I came in and that I should feel like I can call and come in anytime I feel like something just isn’t right.

This past week also brought some additional stress as I dealt with a family emergency and April 30 (the date we found out something was wrong with Charlie’s heart) came and went. This was also the week, during my last pregnancy, that I was hospitalized to stop contractions. But it’s a new week and we made it through. Just one more bump in the road on this PAL journey.

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