It’s all starting to feel a little bit too familiar. Yesterday, we went to the home opener for the Minnesota Twins, and while I was sitting in my seat, I was taken back to a little less than a year ago. It was the last weekend of April, and we knew something didn’t look right on our 20 week scan but didn’t know what it was yet. To take our minds off of it, we kept busy over the long weekend. One of the things we did to occupy ourselves was go to a Twins game. We went with friends who were also expecting at the time. And yesterday, we went with the same friends, who now have a 10 month old.

I have a feeling these kinds of things are going to come up a lot for us in the next few months. I’m approximately a month further along in this pregnancy than I was during the last, but the weather, sports seasons, the Minneapolis summer rituals — everything lines up pretty similarly. Also, the diagnosis date is coming up, as is when I was first hospitalized and of course, the day Charlie was born and died. But in addition to these milestones, we also have a busy next few months filled with childbirth education classes, a baby shower, weddings and doctors appointments. We’re still very much grieving, but we also know that we have a lot to be thankful for and hopefully feel like we can celebrate. So I’m bracing myself for whatever emotions creep up over the next few months — familiar or new.

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