The best way I can think to describe how I’ve been feeling the past couple of weeks is that I’m on a rollercoaster that I just can’t seem to get off of. And I have a feeling that I’m going to stay strapped in my seat until this baby comes (or maybe longer, who knows).

While things are still much better than they were a few weeks ago, I’m still finding myself swinging back and forth between feeling hopeful and positive one day to worried and anxious the next. Who am I kidding — sometimes these changes happen from minute to minute. I’ve also noticed that however I’m feeling emotionally has started to have an effect on how I’m also feeling, physically. The positive days, I hardly feel pregnant, with tons of energy and few aches and pains. On the other days, headaches, fatigue and overall “blah-ness” plague me.

This past weekend, on one of my “good” days, I made a trip to Ikea and surprised myself by coming home with a rug, shelving and art frames for the nursery. And surprising both my husband and myself, the next day, we found ourselves putting together the crib my cousin dropped off for us. Later that afternoon, I spent an embarrassing amount of time Googling “brain tumor symptoms” after I felt a headache coming on. Sigh. It’s a rollercoaster, I tell you.

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