Finally took my first bump pic at 18 weeks

I’m 19 weeks today and the past week has maybe been the hardest yet. Silly me thought that when I stopped checking for blood every time I went to the bathroom or once I started to accept that certain things are just out of my control in this pregnancy, that things were getting easier. That’s right around the time when the anxiety attacks started. It was the one that kept me up all night that got me to pick up the phone and call my doctor.

The panic attacks seemed to come out of nowhere, but it’s probably not all that strange that my anxiety has reached these levels because two days from now, we go for our level two ultrasound/anatomy scan. It’ll take place at the perinatal practice where, not even a year ago, we received Charlie’s diagnosis and had weekly viability check visits. In preparation, my husband and I took the entire day off of work. Hopefully, after the appointment, we’ll be able to go out for lunch to celebrate making it past another big milestone.

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