Photo honoring Homer & Rowan..."Brothers" by Kerri Spero

Photo honoring Rowan & Homer…”Brothers” by Kerri Spero

Tomorrow we will celebrate Rowan’s 2nd birthday. Obviously, it will be the first time Homer will be part of the celebration. While I’m sure our observance of Ro’s birthday will evolve as Homer grows older in that he will become a more integral part of the planning, for now, we are keeping all of the traditions we started last year. We ordered Ro’s birthday cake from The Mad Hatter in Newport; this year, his cake will be decorated by a small sailboat, inspired in part by the final scene of the film Return to Zero. We will make a donation to both The Potter League for Animals and to the Salvation Army (through the purchase of gifts for a 2 year old boy). After purchasing a large poinsettia at a local garden store, our last stop will be to the Drexel Birthing Center at Newport Hospital where both of our boys were born. If all goes well, we’ll have lunch together and remember our sweet angel through the utterance of gentle words about the day of his birth.

We were deeply touched to hear our sweet friend, Valerie, and her husband and angel-baby honored our Rowan’s birthday by making a donation to First Book, an organization that helps kids in need read, learn, and succeed. Their kindness has planted a seed for future celebrations. We’re hoping to find a similar way to honor the lives of others’ lost children in memory of our own angel.

Overall, it’s been a difficult several days leading up to this year’s celebration. Rowan passed sometime during the night before December 12, 2012–the day I predicted he would be born. This year, it was a fitful night of sleep for me, as I constantly needed to look at and feel the chest of little Homer to make sure he was still breathing. There have been many tears as I have wished, or rather imagined, Rowan was here to “help” us prepare for Homer’s first Christmas. The presence of my parents has helped diminish the day-to-day loneliness of this time that I experienced last year when Christopher was at work.

How did you prepare for/carry out the celebration of your angel for the first time with your rainbow baby? If you’ve been celebrating for years, how has the celebration evolved? What has/have your rainbow child(ren) contributed as far as planning or participating in the celebration that is different than it was before his/her arrival? I’d appreciate hearing your stories, and I know other Mamas would, too!


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