As this pregnancy progresses I have been getting more anxious. Ariella was stillborn at 39 weeks, so I don’t feel like I have  “safe point” that, once reached, will make this pregnancy easier. When people ask me what will help my worry, the answer is always birth! I still find myself believing that we will bring this baby home with us but the thought of history repeating is constantly in the back of my head. To counter this thought I’ve been telling myself one simple sentence: history does not have to repeat.

HistoryIt doesn’t! I’m very aware that for many people, history does tragically repeat itself. I have friends for whom history has repeated and they have said goodbye to more than one of their children. That thought breaks my heart and I cry with them over their repeated history. But for me, an unexplained stillbirth at term does not have to happen again. Will it? Maybe. I can’t know for certain until birth, but I have no medical reason to expect history to repeat. And so I will continue to tell myself multiple times per day that history does not have to repeat. And hopefully, it won’t. Do you have any sayings you use to get you through your pregnancy? I’d love to hear them.

With Love,


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