This week things are holding steady in my pregnancy.  I made one call to the OB’s office the other day for something that felt silly – my baby was moving more than usual.  The OB nurse I talked to almost chuckled a little as I explained that I had grown accustomed to feeling his movements at certain times and that, the night before, he was active nonstop for hours.  Of course an internet search had me worried that he might be in distress, so I made the call. But she made it obvious that people don’t call very often about too much movement.  I came away feeling silly.  Fortunately, everything seems to be going fine and he is still moving around quite a bit in there.

It’s a little over five weeks until we get to see his face, and my excitement and anxiety are growing, hand in hand.

This Thursday is Thanksgiving in the United States, and today I’m feeling so thankful for this community.

As we walk on this PAL journey together, it is so nice to have a place where people understand what we are feeling.  We support one another through our concerns and struggles, encourage each other when we need it, mourn together when one of us has a loss, and, increasingly it seems, celebrate together when a new rainbow baby is born.

Each post lets us know that we aren’t alone. Our emotions and experiences are shared and understood.

Seeing new babies being born gives us hope in our journey and courage to believe that we, too, can be holding our healthy babies in the near future.

So thank you for being a part of this place. Thanks for writing your stories as courageous mamas, for posting your questions and comments in the support group, for sharing your beautiful rainbow baby photographs. Every interaction serves to let other PAL mommies know they are not alone, no matter what stage of the journey they are on.


Wishing everyone a wonderful week, and all of our American mamas a very happy Thanksgiving!

With love,

Signature Eileen

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