20140908_205838 The past week has brought some calming moments to my recent anxiety. For starters, Chris and I found this precious little elephant while at a children’s shop in Newport. When he lifted it from the shelf to show to me, it instantly grabbed at my heartstrings; you see, elephants were Ro’s “spirit animal.” We had chosen elephants as a decor element for his nursery, and had several special pieces either from friends or that we had found on our own. Most of those items now adorn the corner of our own bedroom dedicated to Rowan. When I saw the sweet face on this guy, and heard the music he played, I thought it would be a wonderful treat to buy it for Li’l Bub as a gift, if you will, from his big brother. Just the idea of it made me teary, yet it brought such comfort to my ever-aching heart. Whenever I’m feeling especially sad since bringing the gift home, I simply give its leg a little squeeze to let Bub hear the song he’ll hopefully come to love once he’s outside my belly! I used to love singing songs to Rowan, but have been afraid to do the same with Bub. I’m looking forward to sharing music with our little guy, and finding songs he’ll enjoy.

PS In case you were wondering, I cannot carry a tune to save my life, but I love music, and enjoy singing as long as I’m in my own home, car, or shower!

Another moment of calm came after getting some solid advice from a loving and kind friend from high school, Sara, who suggested that I write down the tasks that have been overwhelming me on a calendar, one for each day. She said that perhaps my anxiety was coming from the thought of the things I want to accomplish flooding my mind all at once. Writing them down individually would help me see them in a less daunting way. I realized she was making a very valid point; it was, in fact, the thought of all of them at once that made me feel so overwhelmed. Although I did not write down a task for every day, I have written them down as one for every three days or so, and it has definitely calmed my nerves. I was able to launder the extra diapers and baby clothes I mentioned in my last post, and I’m already feeling less anxiety about the remaining tasks. It proved to me that sharing our low points along with our successes can lead to something positive if we open our hearts and minds to receiving others’ input. Thanks, Sara!

In the spirit of sharing the small victories in PAL, what positive events have come about in your own experiences that have helped calmed any anxiety or fears you may be having?

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