Pregnancy After Loss Support moderates 14 online support groups on Facebook. These groups encourage peer-to-peer support during the all stages of pregnancy after loss, including trying to conceive, pregnancy, and parenting after loss.

PALS understands that there are also unique situations that could use extra support, so there are also groups for specific situations, including trimester of loss, no living children, termination for medical reasons, and infertility. PALS also moderate a group for dads and one for grandparents, family, and friends.


Our Facebook online support groups are closed groups. This means that only people who are members in the groups can see what you post or comment. People on your friend’s list may be able to see that you have joined the groups, though, either through your profile or through group recommendations from Facebook. Unfortunately, PALS has no control over those settings.

Support Group Guidelines

Our Philosophy

Here at PALS online support groups we hope to help women pregnant again after a loss choose hope over fear while nurturing their grief. In effort to do this we try our best to create a supportive open and welcoming community on our public and private Facebook pages and groups. Therefore, we strive to have our group be a place where differences in philosophies, beliefs, opinions, and parenting styles are welcomed and respected.

We love supporting you when you’re trying to conceive after a loss, celebrating pregnancy again, bringing home rainbow babies, and parenting after loss. We know how difficult this journey can be so please feel free to share pictures, journal entries, group posts and other creative ways to celebrate and support others on this journey through free expression of your story.

Be Safe

This is a peer-to-peer support group. Any information given in here is from other members and should not be considered medical advice. If you have medical concerns about your pregnancy please seek proper medical counsel. Also know that this private group is monitored but it might not be read all the time. We ask you as a member of the group to report any concerns that may seem to go against the philosophy or expectations of the group to us through a private Facebook message on our public Facebook page Pregnancy After Loss Support.

The Expectations

  • Be respectful

    No hate speech, personal attacks, harassment, or bullying. Disrupting the community on purpose will not be tolerated. We ask that you do not private message (PM) another member of the PALS group you are in without it being agreed to by the member that you are private messaging.

  • No photos showing bras, underwear, bodily fluids, or discharge

    These photos will be deleted. We cannot diagnose miscarriages or other issues in this group. Please see your doctor.

    Note: we allow pictures of babies in the main post. If you are triggered, please see the file on how to hide the post from continuing to show up in your newsfeed.

  • No illegal or sexually explicit activity

  • No solicitation or advertising in groups

    If you do have something you would like to advertise with PALS, please contact the main page. All solicitations and advertisements will be deleted from the groups.

  • Be discrete with personal information

    Do not reveal personal information you don’t want others to know.

  • No vaccine posts

    Vaccine debates are not allowed. All comments/posts related to vaccine debates will be deleted.

  • No screenshots of conversations

    Even if there is no identifying information all posts/comments containing screenshots of conversations will be deleted. Screenshots of fertility charts or the like are allowed.

  • Be here to support others

    Please remember our PALS groups are for support. Please refrain from posting polls or surveys within the group. We do our very best to protect the privacy of our members.

  • No co-accounts

    If you share an account with your spouse, it is against Facebook policy and your request will be denied.

Our Responsibility

Pregnancy After Loss Support (PALS) reserves the right to remove you from the group at any time for any reason, with or without warning. PALS will not delete content that you find personally offensive. We also reserve the right to remove any content from our page with or without warning if we deem it inappropriate for our group or that it does not align with PALS’ philosophy.

Your Participation

By participating in our group you are agreeing to the above guidelines and expectations. It is your responsibility to follow these rules, and if for some reason you cannot abide by these guidelines, you will be banned from the group without expectation.

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