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These images were created for Pregnancy After Loss Awareness Month.

March is Pregnancy After Loss Awareness Month #PALAwareness
Statistics about pregnancy after loss - #PALAwareness
50-80% of women who experience perinatal loss become pregnant again within 12-18 months after their loss - #PALAwareness
Education through awareness can promote health during subsequent pregnancies - #PALAwareness
After a pregnancy or infant death, many will experience grief, confusion, anxiety, guilt, and fear of loss in a subsequent pregnancy - #PALAwareness
Women who are pregnant again after loss are at an increased risk for perinatal and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders - #PALAwareness
A pregnancy after loss can activate a new layer of grief - #PALAwareness
Recognition of pregnancy after loss will enable individuals and communities to further meet the needs of bereaved parents - #PALAwareness
Studies show partners are also affected by the emotional stress of a subsequent pregnancy - #PALAwareness
Women who are pregnant again after loss report having higher symptoms of anxiety and depression during their subsequent pregnancy - #PALAwareness
Knowledge that there are resources available and others to turn to is an important aspect in the journey of healing during a subsequent pregnancy - #PALAwareness
COVID-19 has added an extra layer of anxiety for moms who are pregnant again after loss - #PALAwareness

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