PALS_AM_RefocusOnYOUIf you’re pregnant with a rainbow baby, so much focus is put on the pregnancy that we almost seem to lose ourselves in the process. When I look back at my rainbow pregnancy, I couldn’t tell you if I went to yoga, had a pedicure, or went out with a friend for coffee or ice cream. I can tell you what I was wearing when I went to triage the day that I thought I felt decreased movement.

One can make the argument that the nine months of a rainbow pregnancy is about the pregnancy, but as as a mother we need to remember that we are part of this too, and it’s our story too, not just the wonderful tale of our babies.

Below are five ways to refocus your PAL journey on YOU, even for a brief moment, during your pregnancy.

1. Keep a journal. Write down more than just pregnancy related feelings and thoughts. Write about how you feel and what you’re doing and your life that day. You are growing this baby! You matter.

2. Breathe. Whether it be through yoga, meditation, or just pushing your desk chair back from your computer and closing your eyes for a minute (and ignoring the stares), breathe. Realize that you’ve got this. YOU’VE got this.

3. Let people do nice things for you. Does someone want to take you to lunch? A friend wants to swing by to visit (and she’s known for bringing brownies)? Say yes. Laughter is good. Friends are good. The combination is even better.

4. Remind yourself of how great you are. Yes, you are! Seriously. You’re brave and taking a chance and letting your heart try again. A lot of people wouldn’t take that risk but you are. You’re great for that.

5. Be kind, but advocate. Hormones aside, be kind to yourself, your partner, your doctor, midwife, or doula–but stick up for yourself. You’ve come a long way. You know best. You’re on the right track. Keep on chugging, mama!

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