Let’s face it, COVID-19 has made this Mother’s Day even stranger for loss moms. We’re not quite sure if we’re happy to be home for the day rather than trying to pretend to be happy for all the other moms, or if it feels extra isolating. But one thing is still true–we want our motherhood to ALL of our babies to be remembered and acknowledged.

So, if you’re looking for a way to reach out to loss, pregnant after loss, and parenting after loss mamas, here are five last-minute Mother’s Day ideas you can still make happen.

1. Write her babies’ names in chalk on the sidewalk or driveway.

chalk art names - Mother's Day Ideas to Acknowledge a Loss Mom

If you are local, take a quick car ride over to her house and write ALL of her babies’ names on her sidewalk or in her driveway. Add a heart or rainbow or meaningful picture with it to give it a special touch. If you aren’t local, write it on your own sidewalk or driveway, and snap a photo to share with her either on social media or through text or email. It will warm her heart to see all of her babies acknowledged.

2. Purchase a meaningful piece of artwork that is available for instant download to print at home.

angel mom artwork - Mother's Day Ideas to Acknowledge a Loss Mom

We love the artwork from LianaLaneArt. She has beautiful loss mama artwork that is available for instant download.

card - Mother's Day Ideas to Acknowledge a Loss Mom

She also has a Mother’s Day card available that is perfect to commemorate this time of social distancing. You can purchase these, download them, and print them to drop off to Mama. Or, if you’re not local, you could see if her partner or someone who lives nearby could print it for you.

3. Leave a small gift on her porch.

flowers - Mother's Day Ideas to Acknowledge a Loss Mom

Drop off a bouquet of flowers, baked goods, chocolates, or something else you think she’d love, and sign the card from all of her children.

4. Reach out to her.

Send a text. Give her a call. Send her an email. Let her know you are thinking about her and acknowledge how hard Mother’s Day can be. Let her know she’s not alone.

5. Make a donation to Pregnancy After Loss Support in her honor.

When you make your donation, write “Mother’s Day” in the form’s additional info, along with anything else you’d like us to include in an acknowledgment (a special note, her children’s names, etc.). Then, we’ll send her a Mother’s Day card via email to let her know that a donation was made in her honor to recognize her motherhood to all of her babies.

It’s not too late to let a loss mom know you’re honoring her this Mother’s Day. We hope these last-minute Mother’s Day ideas spark an idea and encourage you to reach out to the loss mamas in your life.

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