This book, from Emily Long and Lindsey M. Henke, is a simple book of love written for you, a mom pregnant again after loss, from other loss moms who have been where you are now. In the pages of this book, we share letters of love from our hearts to yours with the hope that, maybe, in the darkest, loneliest hours of grief and fear, you will find a little bit of comfort in the words offered here. Our deepest desire is for you to know that you are not alone. We are with you. When needed, let us carry your hope for you when it feels impossible to find. Let us wrap you in love and be a light in the darkness as you carry both hope and fear and engage in the most courageous act – to choose for life after you have known death.

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Pregnancy After Loss Support: Love Letters to Moms Pregnant After Loss, Edited by Emily Long and Lindsey Henke

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