Pregnancy and infant loss affect the whole family, and as the holidays approach, each family member feels the absence, even the children. This holiday season, give a meaningful family gift that acknowledges every member of their family and their journey. Your thoughtfulness will help them feel remembered and supported.

Family Holiday Gifts that Acknowledge Every Member of the Loss Family

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1. Family Snowglobe Ornament

This beautiful personalized family snowglobe ornament is one of PALS 2023 Commemorative Holiday Ornaments we’re offering this year and makes a meaningful gift to loss families that highlights every family member. Choose between snowflakes, angels, and hearts for family members’ names to best represent each member of the family. The name ornaments inside the snow globe will move around. Also, customize with the family’s last name and the year 2023. As the family puts this keepsake on their tree each year, they’ll appreciate you remembering their whole family. Orders close on December 10th to ensure holiday delivery, so don’t delay in ordering.

Keepsake Gifts for the Whole Family

2. Customized Family Portrait

Hand drawn customized family portrait - Family Holiday Gifts

Photo Credit: Rachel Miller Creates

Loss families have so few photos with their babies who died, and often have few or no family photos, so artwork that depicts their babies is absolutely treasured.  Rachel Miller Creates hand draws absolutely stunning portraits that can be digitally downloaded and printed for the family. Submit a family photo, and she incorporates the child who died at the age they would be. These are just so beautiful and meaningful. They can go in a scrapbook or be framed and hung in the family’s home. These can be ordered to include multiple subjects. This listing is for five subjects. To order a portrait with a different number of subjects, visit this link for all available options.

3. Peg Doll Family

Loss families crave seeing their family entirely represented, and this adorable peg doll set does just that. It is customizable and available in different family sizes. Include their baby who died so the family has a doll set with every member of their family. It makes a sweet display, as well as a toy that the living siblings can play with. Available for a family of three, four, five, and six.


4. Eden and Ellie’s Christmas is Not the Same by Autumn Cohen and Brandon Cohen, Illustrated by Bridget Wallace

Eden and Ellie's Christmas is Note the Same

Photo Credit: Autumn Cohen

Eden and Ellie’s Christmas is Not the Same is a precious children’s book just released this year and is a gentle story for families experiencing the loss of a family member, friend, or pet during the holidays. Follow Eden’s grieving journey as she remembers her loved one this Christmas season. The author, Autumn Cohen, is a loss mom who also wrote the beautiful In Memory of You: Guided Baby Memory Journal.

5. The Christmas Snowflake Personalized Holiday Family Book from Wonderbly

The Christmas Snowflake book by Wonderbly - Family Holiday Gifts

Photo Credit: Wonderbly

The Christmas Snowflake book by Wonderbly - Family Holiday Gifts

Photo Credit: Wonderbly

The Christmas Snowflake is a holiday children’s book that can be personalized for the family to include each member. The book tells the story of Snowflake, who is looking for a place to call home this Christmas, but only the reader and their loved ones can help her. It is a charming, personalized book all about the importance of being with the people you love, which weaves the family members’ names throughout the book (including the stocking image shown above), allowing loss families to see their baby who died included.

6. Just for fun! Holiday Matching Family Pajamas with Rainbows

Hanna Andersson Hanukkah rainbow pajamas

Photo Credit: Hanna Andersson

Matching family pajamas are all the rage this time of year. They can be such a fun family tradition. And, several retailers even have rainbow matching family pajamas. We think these will be a hit for our rainbow-loving courageous parents and their families! These make a great gift that is a slight nod to their journey and are just plain fun. Check our favorites by visiting our Holiday Pajamas Gift Guide.

What would I give? Hope.

Give the gift of hope in honor of their family’s journey and to other parents experiencing pregnancy after loss by making a donation to Pregnancy After Loss Support. A donation of $40 (for the 40 weeks of pregnancy after loss) helps us provide support and hope through our Pregnancy After Loss App to individual members during their pregnancy. Donate now, and we will send an email to your loved one letting them know a gift has been made in their baby’s memory.

The holidays can be an emotional time for loss families. Acknowledging every family member with a gift for the whole family will mean so much to them.

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