Now that our little one is getting bigger, I’m finding so much comfort from being able to feel him kick on a regular basis. Having an anterior placenta made it very difficult to feel much movement for the first 18 weeks or so. I have a uterus that is tipped slightly forward on the top, which means not only do doctors have to go (what feels like) up to their elbows to check my cervix (ouch!), but that I also tend to feel movement very early on in my pregnancies. Not having that to reassure me this time around was causing me to feel very anxious at the beginning.

But now that he is growing stronger, I can not only feel but see him kicking several times per day.


This little foot has been bringing us all so much excitement!

It has been the source of lots of giggles and excitement from our boys, who were too young to really remember feeling any other babies moving in my belly. They regularly come up and put their hands on there, hoping to get a kick from their little brother.

The whole experience has made things a little more real for them, and it feels like we are all bonding with this new baby boy. There is a teeny part of me that feels anxious about this, because I know that if something goes wrong it will be very hard for all of us, including the children. But for the most part, it makes me excited, because no matter what, he is a part of our family and we are all loving him for whatever time that he is here with us, kicking away.

The one part of the pregnancy that will not be a family thing, however, is the selection of his name.  My six-year-old wants to name him Rock Star.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week!

With love,


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