The fall season holds so much meaning for families who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss. October marks Pregnancy, Infant, and Child Loss Awareness Month, and then we head into November and the holidays, which can be such a whirlwind and emotional time for loss families. It’s no surprise that families expecting again after loss choose this time to announce their pregnancy after loss. And, fall allows for so many possibilities of beautiful, fun, and meaningful pregnancy after loss announcements.

Check out our favorite 15 fabulous fall pregnancy after loss announcements.

We hope these inspire you to take a leap of faith and announce your pregnancy after loss.

Fall is full of pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins!

Pumpkins make for such picturesque announcements and are fun to customize for your family’s situation. We just love seeing how families share their news, often including their babies who died in the announcement.

1. Kat Parker (@kat.a.parker on Instagram) created this stunning fall pregnancy announcement, with a rainbow-painted pumpkin in the heart of her pumpkin.

Each of her children is included in this announcement, including the multiple babies she lost through miscarriage as the mini white pumpkins. Such a special announcement.

2. Christianna Flynn shared this precious announcement in one of our private Facebook groups.

We love how she combined the letterboard with the family of pumpkins.

3. April Pacheco’s painted pumpkin family is just precious.

The due date in the clouds of the rainbow pumpkin and her angel Lily on dad’s pumpkin are extra special touches.

4. Shannon Nicole (@shannonicolebeauty on Instagram) gave a subtle inclusion of her baby who died with the white pumpkins in this lovely fall rainbow baby announcement.

Such sweetness with the white pumpkins and baby shoes, blocks, pacifier, and onesie.

Fall pumpkin patch photos are a classic!

5. Georgie (@the.happymamaproject on Instagram) announced her pregnancy after loss with the picturesque background of the pumpkin patch, along with ultrasound images.

We love her big smile and the pumpkin backdrop.

6. Ashley (@thefoodiesfithome on Instagram) and her husband snapped this adorable pregnancy after loss announcement at the pumpkin patch.

Absolute simplicity and infectious joy in this announcement.

Apple picking is another timeless fall tradition to inspire

7. Maura Piotti (@maurathatwellness on Instagram) had an announcement photoshoot at an apple orchard, and these are just the cutest!

Make sure you scroll through to see all of the fabulous photos. Now I want an apple cider donut!

Halloween offers fun announcement possibilities as well!

8. Priscilla Villegas and her husband’s bun-in-the-oven Halloween costume shared as a pregnancy after loss announcement is perfection!

In January, Priscilla and her husband found out they were expecting. The following month, right before the “snowpocalypse” (as so many Texans called it), she had a rough miscarriage at around 9-10 weeks. She lost a lot of blood and needed a transfusion, as well as a D&C. She then had four back-to-back chemical pregnancies, which was so heartbreaking. They are now 13 weeks pregnant and very hopeful and wanted to announce with this creative Halloween costume.

Bun in the oven halloween costume - Fall Pregnancy After Loss Announcement

Shared with permission from Priscilla Carrigan – photo taken by her daughter, Ashlyn

Bun in the oven halloween costume - Fall Pregnancy After Loss Announcement

Shared with permission from Priscilla Carrigan – photo taken by her daughter, Ashlyn

9. Kayla Starr’s announcement featured a Halloween candy favorite, ideal for a fall rainbow baby announcement–Skittles!

10. Kassie’s (@kassie__duke on Instagram) Trick or Treat pregnancy announcement is just adorable.

Swipe through to see this couple sitting in the bed of a truck–fall perfection!

The fall offers so many beautiful scenes outside

11. Bianca Burgess (@the.burgess.bunch on Instagram) and her family had fall family photos taken outside and used them to announce their pregnancy after loss.

We love how they acknowledged their baby who died by showing this is baby #5!

12. This little fall leaf video from on Instagram is such a darling pregnancy announcement!

Fall is also the perfect time to showcase gratitude for our babies.

13. Sarah Kepmain shared this sweet announcement in one of our private Facebook groups.

Sarah and her husband, Jordan, experienced heartbreak after their first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 8 weeks. After a lot of struggle, she and her husband tried again and are currently 12 weeks pregnant. They’re thrilled and praying for a healthy baby and announced with this sweet Thanksgiving-themed pregnancy after loss announcement.

We're extra thankful this year - Fall Pregnancy After Loss Announcement

Photo credit: Sarah Kempain

Sunflowers make for gorgeous color, backdrops, and symbolization for pregnancy after loss announcements.

14. Ingrid Santana (@lifeandmyls on Instagram) shared her last pregnancy after loss with a series of stunning sunflower maternity photos, taken by her husband.

“Sunflowers symbolize unwavering faith and unconditional love.”

And we’re wrapping up with all the fall favorites!

15. We’re completely falling for this pregnancy after loss announcement from Brittney S. Collins (@brittneyscollins on Instagram), which includes so many favorite parts of fall.

Which is your favorite?

We hope you’ve found some inspiration to make your fall pregnancy after loss announcement.

Pregnancy after loss straddles hope and fear, faith and anxiety.  It can be hard to take that leap of faith and announce your rainbow pregnancy to the world. Be gentle with yourself. Celebrate this baby when you can.

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