The weather is warming up quite a bit which means it is time to finalize plans for the summer! Being 17 weeks pregnant now means I should be 30 weeks along by the time Labor Day rolls around. During that time, our little one will be busy growing, tripling in length, and increasing from less than half a pound to 3 pounds.

Just thinking about all the things that will happen makes it feel like summer is already flying by!

From seeing my parents and immediate family in Ohio for the first time since Christmas, to seeing our little one at the 20-week anatomy scan, and from the Stillbirth Summit with Star Legacy Foundation to a staycation with my husband, June is going to be quite a busy month. July and August aren’t nearly as jam-packed at the moment, but we shall see what comes our way and how I am feeling. I’m just hoping the heat of summer combined with pregnancy doesn’t leave me completely miserable.  Since this will likely be the last summer with just my husband and me, we are committed to having as much fun as we can.

Emma's 17-week bump: Planning the Summer

Author’s Personal Collection/Emma DeVanzo

Though I’m excited for all of our plans in June, I’m looking forward to the anatomy scan the most.

By that time, it will have been seven weeks since our last ultrasound, since we last saw our little one. Not only will we be able to learn how baby is doing, but we will also be able to get more pictures. I’ve always wished I had more pictures of Austin, and of me while I was pregnant with him. I had the desire to take regular photos of my growing belly, but never felt like it was the right time or that I wasn’t wearing a cute enough outfit or that my hair wasn’t made up how I would like. My lack of drive in this area means I don’t have a single picture of my belly after 30 weeks with Austin. It is one of the reasons I am thankful for this blog – I am guaranteed to take a least one picture of my bump a week.

This week has been fairly uneventful. While I’m still feeling flutters here and there, I have a strong desire to feel them more often. I’m halfway between my monthly prenatal appointments and a few weeks away from the ultrasound, and these are the times I wish I had more reassurance that everything was alright. Whenever worry starts to creep in, I just remind myself that my body knows what to do to nurture this baby. And if there are no indications that anything is wrong, then I just need to trust that everything is okay.

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