My first shared piece of my journey was what I had written at 14 weeks – and as of today, we hit 17 weeks! I’m not quite sure how time is flying so fast. This week I’m headed on an adventure to Zionsville, Indiana with my best friend as a late birthday celebration trip for her! We hear it’s like the Stars Hollow of Indiana – shoutout to the Gilmore Girls lovers. I’m excited for a little getaway with the bestie, who’s been my confidant, my shoulder, and my rock for the last 16 years. Guess I have to keep her now, it’s been so long, haha. I mean is your bestie really your bestie if she’s not willing to stab you with a needle once a week to keep your baby safe? (Ha!) I’ve been very lucky to have such a wonderful support system between my bestie, family, and husband. I know we’ll miss our babies (maybe our men, haha) but some time away from everyday life and our business is just what we need!

The “stabbing” I’ll be getting weekly is my progesterone shots, which we started at week 16.

It may sound a little odd, but I’m sort of excited to get these shots (I know you’re thinking – what? She’s nuts) – but they give me a sense of relief. When I was pregnant with Nathan, my rainbow baby, I had them as well. Progesterone is shown to help prevent pre-term birth. Teddy (my firstborn, my angel) was born sleeping at 22 weeks with no known cause. I was induced with Nathan after my water was found leaking at 36 weeks – which happened to be the day of my last progesterone shot. I don’t think there’s any coincidence there – I fully believed the medicine did its job and I’m happy my high-risk team decided to keep the same plan as last time.

Elizabeth holding ultrasounds images - Week 17: Fast Forwarding

Author’s Personal Collection/Elizabeth Michalski

That plan also includes extra scans.

These scans check my cervical length – and ensure there’s no chance my cervix is too short, starting to open, or my water breaking early again. We had our first cervical length scan today – and things looked great per my doctor. Everything seems to be going well. I remember my very first pregnancy – I had a total of 3 scans with my old doctor’s office. My initial 12-week scan, my anatomy scan at 20 weeks, and a scan just 1.5 weeks later, to confirm my water had broken and Teddy’s life was in danger. With my rainbow pregnancy, and now this one, I have extra scans. Which of course, I’m absolutely thankful for. I know for an innocent, routine pregnancy having just a few scans means everything is going well, things are going as they should. And as much as I’m thankful for the extra scans – I’d give anything to have a routine pregnancy. But – unfortunately, we just have to roll with the punches and take what we can get. I’ll take the extra scans and the weekly stabs – just as long as my “bean” remains safely inside my belly. The tiny human who I haven’t yet figured out the sex of, but maybe at our 18-week scan! Fingers crossed (but hopefully not baby legs crossed!).

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