The children’s book, Dear Star Baby, is such a touching story, told from the perspective of a big brother writing a letter to his baby sibling who died as he and his family process the grief they experience after pregnancy loss.

Dear Star Baby by Malcolm Newsome - Book Review

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At Pregnancy After Loss Support, we are always looking for diverse resources to support families as they navigate life after loss. Children’s books hold a special place in our hearts because they help us connect with our living children and tell the stories of their siblings who died.

Dear Star Baby is written by Malcolm Newsome, and the story is told from the perspective of a little boy writing a letter to his baby sibling who died. He writes, “Dear Baby, I asked for a baby brother for Christmas. Then Mama and Daddy surprised me…” Then he shares his anticipation through the ways he helped prepare to be a big brother–painting the nursery, going shopping, and reading books about becoming a big brother. But, then something happens.

“She held my hand and told me you would not be coming home with us. She said you went to be with the stars instead.”

He continues as he wonders and wishes about his sibling being here. He notices his parents’ sadness and grief, and they navigate the loss together. They look to the stars to connect with the baby who died, and imagine the baby “singing us lullabies when you twinkle.”

Dear Star Baby‘s illustrations are bright, engaging, and moving, with incredible details that depict the range of emotions experienced by each member of the family. The book is written in a gentle, compassionate, and concrete language with which young readers will connect. We especially love the introduction of the term “star baby.” Malcolm Newsome shared in the author’s note at the end of the book, “We went through three miscarriages before my two daughters were born. And the thing about each of the babies we lost is that they had come and gone before we had even given them names. I learned, over time, that this is true of a great many babies. I learned that society also didn’t have a ubiquitous name for them. But now we do.” So many families don’t connect with the term “angel baby, and “star baby” gives them a term without religious ties.

Dear Star Baby gives big brothers and sisters a story to connect with as they navigate the loss of their loved and longed-for baby sibling.

It offers comfort and allows children to process their feelings and know they are not alone. This heartwarming book makes a meaningful gift for a family experiencing pregnancy loss and is a helpful resource in a loss family’s library.

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About the Author and Illustrator

Dear Star Baby is written by Malcolm Newsome and illustrated by Kamal Nair.

Malcolm Newsome Bio

Malcolm Newsome is a children’s book author and cyber security expert from the Chicago area. He is a married father of five who has a deep passion for telling stories of hope and possibilities. After the first three children were born, his family suffered multiple miscarriages. He hopes his debut picture book, Dear Star Baby, will bring healing to the millions of other families who experience this kind of grief. His next book, Sydney’s Big Speech, is now available for pre-order, and he has several more forthcoming titles. When he’s not writing or spending time with family, you’ll probably find him either reading, spending time outside in his mini-orchard, making homemade pop (not soda!), baking bread, or being a lumberjack.

Kamal Nair grew up in Kerala, a small southern coastal state in India, surrounded by exotic wildlife, stunning beaches, lush green hills, and turquoise backwaters. She is a professional architect and an illustrator. Her works are inspired by a harmonious blend of nature, patterns, and architecture. In addition to Dear Star Baby, she is the illustrator of Kamala is Speaking by Shasta Clinch and The Leaping Laddoo by Harshita Jarath. Kamala loves to travel and immerse herself in the beauty of culture, history, architecture, and people worldwide.


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