The children’s book Dear Rainbow Baby is a precious letter to a rainbow baby, using the changing seasons to tell a story of hope and love for a baby born after a loss.

Dear Rainbow Baby by Samantha Gassman

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As we at Pregnancy After Loss Support strive to empower families on their healing journey, we find children’s books to be invaluable tools. These books foster a connection with surviving children and offer a gentle way to share the stories of their siblings who passed away.

Dear Rainbow Baby is written by Samantha Gassman and is a precious letter written from a parent to their much-hoped-for baby after loss. The narrative journeys through the emotional landscape of loss, mirroring the seasons in a way that resonates deeply with those experiencing pregnancy after loss. These nine months can feel like an eternity, and the book’s use of seasons captures the cyclical nature of grief and hope during this challenging time.

“I wished for you, and hoped someday you would come.”

The book comes alive with beautiful watercolor illustrations. Each scene is gracefully introduced with soft washes of color and delicate details, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. A subtle but symbolic touch is the rainbow tucked within each illustration. These rainbows serve as a constant reminder of hope peeking through, even amidst the tender emotions explored in the text. The combination of simple yet meaningful verse and these precious illustrations creates a powerful draw for the reader, inviting them into the emotional journey of the story.

“Each day, a prayer, each week, a miracle.”

Dear Rainbow Baby wholeheartedly celebrates the concept of a rainbow baby and the hopeful symbolism of rainbows. The story is free of religious language and metaphors beyond a subtle reference to prayer. This makes it a perfect choice for families who embrace the rainbow baby term and are looking for a gentle way to introduce the concept to their baby born after loss. Whether it’s in the quiet moments at the hospital after birth or during cozy cuddles at home, Dear Rainbow Baby offers a heartwarming story for families on this journey after pregnancy and infant loss.

“My wonderful rainbow baby, we are blessed to have you home. Love fills the nursery, as I rock you to sleep.”

Dear Rainbow Baby was written in the wake of the author’s miscarriage. Samantha Gassman turned to writing as a way to process the complex emotions of grief and loss. This act of writing this letter to a future child, a rainbow baby, became a powerful tool for healing. By focusing on hope for the future, the author found a path forward. Her hope for this book is to spark open conversations about miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss, fostering a sense of connection and support for those who experience these tragedies. Samantha’s rainbow baby was born on Rainbow Baby Day, and she released her book on Rainbow Baby Day in celebration.

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About the Author and Illustrator

Dear Rainbow Baby is written by Samatha Gassman and Illustrated by Timothy Lange.

Samantha Gassman, author of Dear Rainbow Baby

Samatha Gassman is passionate about telling stories that matter. She is the author of three children’s books, Honor Flight, Dear Rainbow Baby, and Peanut and Butter Cup. Her rainbow baby was born on National Rainbow Baby Day in 2020, a tiny blessing during a chaotic year. She and her military family of four live wherever the Air Force sends them.

Timothy Lange has pursued the joy of creating visual images since childhood. He is a painter, an award-winning graphic designer, and an author/illustrator. Tim looks for heart and humor in everyday situations, and enjoys infusing his illustrations with those qualities. Tim graduated from the Colorado Institute of Art and studied painting at the Art Student’s League of Denver. He currently resides in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, with his wife, Penny, and two daughters.


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