Dear PAL Parents,

You can do this. I am at your side, each and every step of the way. I may not have the answers you seek but I can give you my unwavering support.

Loss is tragic, messy, and brutal. It knocks you down and you have to find you way to standing again. Sometimes the simplest tasks seem monumental. But you are not alone. I can help you.

I understand your loss and your grief. I understand your doubts and fears. But you can do this! Deep inside each and every one of us is a wealth of power that cannot be accessed until now. I can help you find it and use it.

I am at your side, each and every step of the way. I will answer your questions and acknowledge your fears. I can sit with you when you are scared. I can hold you up when you need a hand. I can help you be strong when you are ready. We can visualize this birth and help you find peace in your last.

I know you will find the power and strength to welcome this day, this baby, and this birth.

And I can be with you today, tomorrow, and on labor day. Be brave. You are not alone. I am at your side.

Your loving doula,


Photo Credit: Stefanie Harrington

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