Dear Mama,

I know you are worried, excited and scared all at the same time. You wish you could go back to the days of radiating those pregnancy hormones instead of just hoping you carry this little one enough of the way. The road ahead is a long one–a hard fought one from so many levels.

While you may dread the 1st trimester sickness, you also yearn for it because it lets you know the pregnancy is still happening. While you endure the aches and pains of pregnancy, you yearn to feel the pain every moment of the day. You remain positive while also feeling as though you’re barely holding it together. You feel like you’re in the biggest fight of your life. Take it one step, one moment at a time. Each pregnancy milestone to be celebrated all while honoring and loving the little one(s) you’ve lost. No one knows how hard this is but PAL mamas.

I’m a mama of sunshine and rainbow babies. While I don’t know what you’re going through, I do know you’ve got a tribe of loved ones in this PALS community who want you to know you’re surrounded with love and support.

Share your milestones that no one else will understand–like reaching the week of your PAL pregnancy when you lost your little one. Or celebrating the birthday of your baby who is no longer here. Or holding it together enough to buy a few things to bring baby home. If you’re not an active participant in the private PALS groups or on the main PALS FB page, maybe become one. You’ll soon see you’re not alone.

This Valentine’s Day, wrap yourself in self-love and love for this little one you’re carrying now, in this moment. If you’re TTC, know that your love knows no bounds and the hope of what’s to come keeps you strong and forging on. We see you; we’re here for you.

With Love,

Meagan, a parenting after loss mama

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