Schulmeister10Dear Mama Running This Grueling PAL Marathon,

I’m by no means a runner but I’ve done a few endurance races in my time. Right now you are pregnant after loss and you are in this grueling race you never thought you’d be in, but you have the strength to make it through. There is no amount of training that could prepare you for this. Some days you will feel defeated and you will hit “the wall.” That’s ok! You have won more days than you have lost and when this leg of the race is over you will be victorious. You will stand in victory with your beautiful baby snuggled in your arms and you will understand your strength. You will realize how brave and how strong you have been for so long and all of that has brought you to this place filled with wonder.

Right now your steps may be heavy and your breath labored but as slow as you need to go, and as easy as you need to take it, you will get there. You can take breaks when you need to. Stretch, take pictures, enjoy the scenery. Look around you and see the spectators cheering you on! True, they aren’t feeling the pain and the exhaustion you are feeling, but they are there. They are standing on the curb in awe of you as they witness your incredible feat. We all are! With signs that say “Go Mama!” “You Can Do It!” “We’re Proud of You!” With every single step you take, whether you are pushing as hard as you can or barely crawling, you will get to the finish line because you’re strong enough and you’re brave enough.

You are fighting and you are winning: every day, every week, every month until you have your living, breathing child in your arms. You’ve got this, mama! We are all here cheering you on!

Sending strength and love to you,


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