Photo by Ravi Roshan on Unsplash

Dear Mama Who Longs for a Child,

There were days before our loss that we smiled at the thought of carrying life within us. As a child I can remember reciting how many children I would have, whether they would be a boy or girl and what their names would be.

Now, singed by the pain of loss, my experience has changed. The innocent joy I had is gone and is replaced by cautious realism. This realism reminds me that before my loss I really didn’t know how deeply I longed for a child. It helps me recognize that my next pregnancy will be a very unique kind of precious. Every milestone will mean more to me, every kick will be savored, and when I finally get to hold my sweet baby I will know that his or her life is a miracle.

So, here is to you, Mama. Here’s to the precious moments that you are experiencing, both good and bad. Here’s to your strength, your grace, and your determination to not give up. May you, and your babies, know how very loved you are.

With love,


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