Dear Loving Mama,

YouAreLoveYour journey began with love.

Your love of another that lead to the creation of new life.

Your love grew every moment of every day you carried new life in your womb.

Your grief intensified because of the depth of your love; they continue to this day–both the grief and the love.

Hope arrives on the wings of love as you wind along this road–a path you will never walk alone!

It is love that will strengthen you when you’re feeling weak with worry, or when you’re struggling to make it through another month of waiting in anticipation of a renewed chance to carry life again.

It is love that reminds you: ‘Yes, you ARE a Mama!’ even if your child is no longer with you.

It is love that reminds you the days ahead may be long.

You may grow frustrated and weary, but love, O LOVE, makes seeking your rainbow worth it.

So love yourself, Mama, and remember to be gentle with yourself, too.

The tears may fall, your soul may ache, but the child in your heart, the one who may be yet to come, they are LOVE! You carry them with you on your journey…always.

You ARE a Mama.

You are love.

With Love,


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