Courageously Expecting helps readers find strength in themselves and within their faith to bravely open up their mama hearts to hope and dare to believe in the possibility of bringing home a baby after a previous pregnancy loss.” ~Lindsey M. Henke

Courageously Expecting: A friend to walk alongside you during pregnancy after loss - Book Review

Pregnancy after loss tends to be highly misunderstood by those who have not experienced it. While friends and family want to support a parent going through pregnancy after loss, they often expect the parent to be happy now that they are pregnant again. But, pregnancy after loss opens new grief and is a constant tightrope of hope and fear, grief and joy.

Jenny Albers understands this, and she wrote Courageously Expecting: 30 Days of Encouragement for Pregnancy After Loss as the guide she needed during her pregnancy after loss.

Jenny and her husband envisioned three children spaced three years apart. So, when her daughter was nearing three, she and her husband became pregnant. But, her innocence was taken when she had two losses in a row–first an ectopic pregnancy, then a stillbirth. They agonized over whether or not to try to conceive again.

“After two consecutive losses, it seemed unlikely that something would go right in a future pregnancy. Choosing to hope felt daunting, and just the potential of experiencing another loss felt like more than my heart could handle.”

Jenny’s story and experience of pregnancy after loss are highly relatable. While her loved ones were enthusiastic about her new pregnancy, she felt fear, anxiety, and a sense of doom, things not discussed in typical pregnancy books. She leaned heavily on her faith to find the hope and courage to try to become pregnant again and then to get through pregnancy after loss. She filled journals with her fears, hopes, and uncertainty,  alongside Scripture references and prayers. After the healthy birth of her son, she wrote Courageously Expecting to encourage and support other courageous parents going through pregnancy after loss.

In Courageously Expecting, Jenny Albers walks alongside the loss mom through her pregnancy after loss.

She beautifully weaves her own journey with the many challenges moms face during their pregnancies after loss, giving them hope and courage to face each step. With prayers, reflections, and prompts, Jenny encourages the mom pregnant after loss to bond with her baby and cling to her faith while she waits to meet her baby. Jenny’s writing wraps the pregnant after loss mom in love and validation, helping her know she is not alone.

Courageously Expecting - "Pregnancy is..."

Courageously Expecting is written as a 30-day companion. Each day’s chapter is easily digestible as Jenny shares a piece of her story, focusing on a relatable topic each day. Topics like:

  • Trying to conceive
  • Choosing hope
  • Announcing a pregnancy after loss
  • Choosing a new medical team
  • Considering “what ifs”
  • Avoiding Dr. Google
  • Taking the picture
  • Celebrating each milestone
  • And so many more

Each chapter also includes a Scripture, prayer, reflection, and a letter prompt. These give the reader the opportunity to journal through the experience, validate the many emotions on the journey, and connect and bond with your baby. While it is written as a 30-day companion, it could easily be used as a weekly guide through pregnancy after loss. Jenny is the friend you need during pregnancy after loss. Let Courageously Expecting hold your hand through your subsequent pregnancy.

“Friends, as you embark on this journey of pregnancy after loss, I pray you’ll find the strength to carry on in courage and faith.” ~Jenny Albers in Courageously Expecting.

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About the Author

Jenny Albers

Jenny Albers is a wife, mother, and writer. She is the founder of Still Loved, an online community that exists to amplify the voices of parents who have experienced the loss of a pregnancy or an infant. Her writing, which focuses on pregnancy loss, motherhood, and faith, has been featured in Pregnancy After Loss Support, Her View from Home, Today Parents, and a variety of other online publications. She lives in South Dakota with her husband and two living children.


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