As the news of Chrissy Teigan and John Legend’s loss of their son, Jack, trickled through the world, they were met with both support and criticism for sharing their loss, especially in such a raw and vulnerable way. The news came on the eve of Pregnancy, Infant, and Child Loss Awareness Month, and it was a stark reminder of just how much more awareness and understanding is needed around these devastating losses.

People who have not experienced loss can have a hard time understanding why parents would want to share photos of their babies who died.

So, we asked the moms in our Pregnancy After Loss Support community, “Why do you share photos of your babies who died?”

  1. They are our children, and we love them. We share our living children, and we love our babies who died just as much.
  2. They are beautiful and perfect and deserve to be shared.
  3. So they can be remembered. One of our greatest fears is that our babies who died will be forgotten. Photos are a reminder to those around us that they were here. They existed. And we love and miss them.
  4. We are proud of these children and we want the world to know about them.
  5. We want people to understand that they were real and perfect babies, not just a pregnancy that didn’t work out.
  6. We need support and love through our grief.
  7. Many of our loved ones never got to meet these precious children, so sharing photos is a way for them to get to know our babies who died.
  8. To spread awareness that pregnancy, infant, and child loss still happens.
  9. It is our job as their parents to keep their memory alive and share their legacy.
  10. It is a way to parent our children, even after their death.
  11. They are unique children who deserve to be celebrated.
  12. To educate on the experience of grief and loss.
  13. They matter.
  14. These are the only photos and memories we will ever have of our children who died, and we treasure them.
  15. They bring us joy. We want the world to know our babies.
  16. So others know they are not alone.
  17. They are woven deeply into the fabric of our family’s story and deserve to be shared and spoken about.
  18. We shared our pregnancies, so we will also share their arrival.
  19. So others know the signs so they may not have to experience loss as well.
  20. We think of them every day, even as the world marches on.
  21. They lived. They existed. Death can’t take that away.
  22. So others know that their losses were not their fault.
  23. They made an immense impact on our lives.
  24. They made us parents, and we want to celebrate that.
  25. Their existence isn’t a secret, and we don’t want to hold their memory alone.
Chrissy Teigan, John Legend, and Baby Jack - Reasons Loss Moms Respond with Reasons Why they share photos of their babies who died

Photo Credit: Chrissy Teigan on Instagram

We are their voice. We speak their names. We share their photos. We tell their stories. Because they can no longer do those things. And we will honor them for as long as we live.


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