Choosing a cesarean birth may or may not be an easy decision. This is even more true for a mom pregnant again after a loss.

mom and baby after birth - Choosing a Cesarean Birth after a Loss

For the family that has faced a loss, a cesarean birth can answer questions and reduce anxieties.

First, cesarean births are considered the safest delivery option for babies. Knowing that the baby would have the safest delivery is a primary fear. It is easier to face a cesarean recovery than it can be to face the unknown.

Second, a scheduled cesarean also solves several of the unknowns. When will I have my baby? Will the baby be born alive? What if something happens that we could have prevented? Who will watch the other children? Who will be in town to help with postpartum support?

Third, with the rise of family-centered cesareans it is possible for a family to have a peaceful and non-traumatic experience. You may be able to ask for a clear drop screen so that you can witness your baby emerging abdominally. You can request your earbuds and listen to your own music or mantras. Essential oils can be used on sterile gauze to minimize room smells. Your partner can be at your side, and you may even be able to have a photographer present to capture the birth and bonding period.

Families who have chosen a cesarean birth have said:

The moment we hear him, we cried.

I felt for the first time in a long time, relief, joy, and gratitude.

The healing from the cesarean was much easier than healing from my loss.

Cesarean recovery is not to be overlooked.

You will need to manage your pain with oral medications once you go home. You will be unable to carry anything heavier than your baby for weeks. You will be unable to drive yourself for weeks and need to rely on others for help at home. You may need assistance with location requiring pumping and possibly some short-term supplementation. And a scar will remain, which may become a personal symbol of the birth and your child.

For many women, a live healthy baby doesn’t replace the trauma from a previous loss. Yet, healing from the cesarean will be much easier and then healing from the possible loss of another baby.

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