This week was supposed to be a small pumpkin or jackfruit, but we’re going with a canteloupe!

Carmen's 38.1 week bump with cantaloupe - "I can't-elope"

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This week is wild! I am just so beyond excited for BABY, but there’s a part of all of this too that makes me miss this! Even though I kind of want to run away picturing my last dances and walks for a while, I can’t-elope from all of this, and remembering we get to meet our Final Rainbow Baby whom I did this all with and will again! We are the best parents for BABY!

I’m finding myself crying so much. I’m thinking of this last birth experience is liberating in having the control to walk hand in hand with Phillip into the operating room, making the safest decision for my baby, myself, and my family.

We got the phone call today confirming our C-section date and time.

It felt like a dentist apppointment. My husband cannot wrap his head around us going to the hospital (not being in active labour) and knowing exactly when baby is coming (5-8 minutes)!! Me either!

The start of our journey echoed having to make the best decision with what you have at the time, and here we are doing that again in the best possible way!

The “Huggies commercial birth” I always envisioned may be gone, but this is the next best thing, and safety outweighs it all. I will feel the calmest I ever have with the most control and support, with no worries or concerns, which is something I’ve never had before, knowing baby is safe, and so am I!

What are my birth intentions?

The pillars I want:

  1. Skin to skin
  2. Pictures
  3. Introductions and Narrative
  4. Relaxation techniques, envisioning my children playing and laughing at the beach in July &/or Telling Myself, “3-2-1-, relax, relax, relax”
  5. Baby lifted over drapes for SURPRISE
  6. No music, take in the moment
  7. Advocate for 2-day stay in hospital

(Obviously, if intervention is needed, that’s a priority)

Carmen outside - Carmen's bump day blog, week 38.1: I can't-elope

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It’s strange as I’ve never “planned anything,” as I know none of us really can. I was never married to anything in the past, but this time I’m trying all the things and having fun with it! Anything that works is an added bonus!

It will be chill. I’m feeling mostly good, confident, and safe with all the love, light, good vibes, positive energy, and good thoughts surrounding us!

Pink and blue fingernail polish - Carmen's bump day blog, week 38.1: I can't-elope

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SURPRISE: To be fair, if this baby is a boy or girl, hubby is naming it Jack. Phillip has loved this name since the very start as he says Jack Grover sounds like a pirate!

The countdown is on, lil Jack-o-lantern 🎃

Carmen with her family - Week 38.1: I can't-elope

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P.S. Our kids are exceptionally sweet this week as I try to soak them in, get ready, and rest as this Rudolph reddened, sicky nose will be guiding me 

Beautiful bump! Carmen's bump day blog, week 38.1: I can't-elope

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Some C-Section Recovery Techniques I will be trying:

Getting out of bed: Tying a towel at the end of the bed to pull myself up, making a pillow ramp, and using a step stool

Constipation: Popping those psyllium husks with all the water!

Convenience: Yes, I bought a bell for others to lift the children, wearing my baby when I can, have a baby and mommy cart in the bedroom and living room. Pump by bed with bottles and snacks!!

Nutrition: Broths, smoothies, and lactation cookies!

Scar: Binding, silicone pads, keeping it dry and clean, scar mobilization and essential oils once closed.

Checking in with myself: What do I need today? What does help look like? What does my pain feel like today? Taking a moment daily to ask myself the questions. Setting boundaries with visitors and mostly just “being” with my baby, spouse, and family in the way that works best for allowing them to nurture me.

My old scar has been twinging a lot at the thought, but I feel good things about this birth and recovery. It’s such a strange feeling when you know when you’re going for surgery, but it is the best kind of surgery!

Any other tips and tricks?

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