We are 12 weeks, 6 days today. Baby is due Feb 24, 2024, which has a nice ring to it.

With my son Case, I had an extensive ultrasound performed at 12 weeks thanks to my incredible High-Risk OB, who suggested it to help with my peace of mind as at that point it was my fifth pregnancy with three rainbows that hadn’t come or did, depending on how you look at it. It definitely helped ease my nerves, and I was so grateful to her.

Carmen's 12-week ultrasound - Squeezing the Sweet Moments

Author’s Personal Collection/Carmen Grover

We were able to have another extensive ultrasound again with this baby.

However, my anxiety remains. At the ultrasound, they asked if this was my first baby. I remember up until Maelie came, I think I always said yes. They never asked which number pregnancy it was. When she asked this time I just said, “No,” with no follow-up answer, no nothing. I let it linger in the air, then she asked, “What number pregnancy is this for you?” I said 11. The question is usually, “How many kids do you have at home?” I liked being able to say this was my 11th pregnancy, as it empowered me to address all of my babies. But, it did make me more emotional as I lay there letting that sink in.

The ultrasound tech said the baby was moving so much and even trying to stand. Baby looks great! Every one of our babies always looked great at this stage!

Phillip had been checking in all day, asking, “How did it go?” It’s a tricky question, as it went well. Baby has a heartbeat, is moving, and looks like a real baby with hands, a head, legs, and belly. Then he asked, “When can we start getting the genetic testing?”

We both aren’t reassured until we are past the genetics and anatomy scans. Each scan gets us closer to the next step, and no matter what, we will get there.

Carmen's 12-week bump with a lemon - Squeezing the Sweet Moments

Author’s Personal Collection/Carmen Grover

I got to see the baby on the NIPT ultrasound. It’s always incredible to me how one pregnancy can end, and another can make it a little further. I’m still crippled until I get to 20 weeks, as baby looks amazing, but I never trust that until we’ve made it to that point.

I’m so filled with excitement, but I can never reach that point of complete awe, even when I try really hard, seeing its little fingers covering its face and little legs trying to stand. I try to take it all in, but then I remember seeing those perfect features on the outside when I had to say goodbye. When life hands me lemons today, I’m trying to squeeze really hard these sweet little moments 🍋.

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