Only six more weeks until our Princess arrives. The fact that I was once team boy before learning her sex, is such a distant memory. As I think back on it, it took a lot of audacity to even claim a team given our previous experiences of loss. In reality, a healthy baby was all that ever really mattered. But, if I dared to dream, I always visualized being the mother of a son at little league football games and being his biggest cheerleader on the sidelines. While that vision still lives, it’s currently overshadowed by the tutus, the ballerina slippers, the dresses, and all the pink that awaits her. I’m just as excited at the thought of being a dance mom!

Brittany wearing a crown and holding a crown for her little princess - owning my birth story

Author’s Personal Collection/Brittany Jones

Who really knows, though? Maybe she’ll be as athletic as her dad and play girl’s basketball. Maybe she’ll sing like her mom or play an instrument and become a band kid. Maybe she’ll do it all. Regardless, what’s most important to me is that she grows to know and understand her value. I look forward to teaching her, her worth so that whoever she becomes, she knows first and foremost that she is a child of the Most High, and that makes her a princess.

In preparation for her arrival, I’ve become intentional with what I allow into my spirit.

I’ve been monitoring what I watch, what I listen to, and what I engage in. I’ve been rejecting any negativity that has come my way and anything that doesn’t uplift my spirit because I realize that what I’m about to do takes a vibration that resonates high above the secular world. I’ve decided on a natural, unmedicated water birth. All of the risk factors have been assessed and I am thankful that I’ve been found more than capable of accomplishing birth without hospital intervention.

This decision has come with some critics as most only understand the ordinary idea of hospital birth. However, nothing about me has ever been ordinary. Those who know me, and truly accept me for who I am, know me for being a little extra in everything I do and I’ve been that way my entire life. Extraordinary that is – especially when it comes to my choices because they’re always driven by my spirit. While I may call them my choices, they are more so my obedience to God Who is in me. He’s the extraordinary one and being made in His image is something I don’t take lightly.

Through my devoted research and childbirth classes, I know that this is the safest way for me to give birth.

Research and statistics prove that, specifically as an African American woman. I’ve been studying and working with my midwife team for months expelling from my mind, body, and spirit the terrifying narratives of childbirth as the world would like us to see it and as it’s depicted in movies and influenced in our hospitals. I’ve opened up my mind, body, and spirit to welcome the truth and purity of childbirth as it was originally designed to be with our bodies and our babies knowing exactly what to do, free from intervention.

With that said, I am not suggesting natural birth for everyone and I’m certainly not shooting down medicated hospital births. I am emphasizing the freedom of choice and promoting the ability to own your own birth story however you’d like it to go. Your comfort may be found in a hospital with the ability to be medicated and that is to be respected. Your birth decisions are personal to you, your baby, and of course your medical needs. You define what you view as a beautiful, successful birth story.

Brittany's 34-week bump: Owning my birth story

Author’s Personal Collection/Brittany Jones

As for me, I can’t wait to see the power and natural skill of my body, combined with the work of my baby’s natural instincts, accompanied by God’s sovereignty to accomplish the supernatural event of birth! I have no fear; only confidence, readiness, and joy to soon welcome our little princess.

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