People who know me well also know my closest friends because there are only two: Drew and Mikel. I’ve never been a person to keep a crowd of friends. That’s the introvert in me and also because I value genuineness and loyalty. In life, it’s very fortunate to find your people. This exceeds blood, race, ethnicity, or any other group or walk of life. They are the people that connect to you like a puzzle piece and you learn that soulmates are not only in romantic relationships.

These two ladies are my people, my soul sisters and will also be Brielle’s aunts.

They both made life decisions that have led them to make a home far across the country; California to be exact. We all have found ourselves on the brink of major life changes that led down completely different paths after being joined at the hips for years. So, life has been different for us all because naturally, we’ve been accustomed to being accessible to one another at all times. I’ve never imagined bringing a child into the world without them right there beside me, as I’m sure they have never imagined experiencing their life changes without me being right there beside them. Although we are growing in our own endeavors, our connection and dedication to one another haven’t faded. This past Sunday proved that distance doesn’t stand a chance in coming between us.

Brittany's 24-week bump: There's nothing like genuine friends

Author’s Personal Collection/Brittany Jones

It was an ordinary Sunday after church that I received a knock on my door to find packages full of baby gifts. It was beyond beautiful and heartwarming. What I didn’t know was that followed by those packages came my two sisters standing at my doorstep here in New Jersey all the way from California! The shock in me was released by a frantic scream. I could not believe I was seeing them in front of me. I couldn’t have asked for a better surprise at a better time.

They came to check on me, to shower me with love and gifts and to let me know that they are still here.

It was a breath of fresh air as we laughed and reminisced on the things of the past and celebrated the things to come. So much is changing but the one thing that will always remain is true friendship. I am grateful for them beyond what my words can express and I have so much confidence in the village Brielle will have with them being a part of it.

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