Being pregnant after loss means being in tune with every single reaction your body may be having. Even the slightest feeling will catch your attention and have your eyes wide open in curiosity asking yourself, “Is something wrong?”

In pregnancy, there’s a very thin line between something being wrong and that something being normal because well, you’re pregnant!

The morning of September 7th I straddled that thin line, unsure of what I was experiencing. I woke up with a severe headache and I was weak and nauseous. As I did my best to prepare for work I questioned if this was simply a bad case of morning sickness and I wondered if I could just push through as I have in the past. On the other hand, I believed I had been free of morning sickness coming into my 16th week because I haven’t experienced any morning sickness symptoms within the past 2 weeks. It was pretty random so concern set in. Then I thought, well there’s no real “by the book” pregnancy. I’ve heard stories of women who dealt with morning sickness into their third trimester!

I did my best to continue my morning routine, prepared for work, and hit the road. Because of how I felt, my husband drove me to work. I assumed I’d feel better over time. That’s until I began to feel like the cars around us were spinning on the road and I became very hot and light-headed. Just minutes away from the school where I teach, my husband rerouted us to the nearest ER. At that point, not only was I physically ill, but mentally and emotionally I was anxious and paranoid. Eyes closed and head down, I began to do what I know; pray.

Brittany's 16-week bump - Another Day in the Life of Being Pregnant After Loss

Author’s Personal Collection/Brittany Jones

Upon arrival to the University of Pennsylvania hospital which was just about 7 minutes away, I collapsed, thankfully into my husband’s arms when getting out of the car. The battle that I had with myself all morning had been settled and the answer was no, this wasn’t normal. As it turned out, I was severely dehydrated. Being dehydrated caused my blood pressure and pulse to rise, which explained why I was feeling the way I did that morning.

It can be tough when you’re pregnant after loss because you don’t want to feel like you’re being paranoid about every little thing even when some things are actually normal pregnancy symptoms.

However, we have no way of truly knowing what is normal and what isn’t. I’m so glad that I was able to get to the hospital where I was treated with IV fluids and given Pedialyte. In no time my blood pressure and pulse were back to normal. The doctor advised me to create a habit of not only drinking water but also drinking Pedialyte and sports drinks like Gatorade.

While dehydration is such an easy fix, I can’t neglect the severity of the matter had I not been treated, assuming I was suffering with a random case of morning sickness. If you are unsure about what you are experiencing in your body, always see your doctor. It’s worth knowing for sure. I also believed I had been drinking enough water. I had in fact been drinking more than I ever have! But it wasn’t enough and now I’m aware of what it’s going to take to ensure the health of our baby girl and myself.

Brittany relaxing after trip to the ER

Author’s Personal Collection/Brittany Jones

I left the hospital after quite a few hours, feeling exhausted (just from being in the hospital) but restored from dehydration and comforted knowing that all of the tests they ran displayed complete health for baby girl and me. Both my husband and I canceled the rest of our day’s schedule. I finished out my day resting in bed and regaining my peace. Just another day in the life of being pregnant after loss.

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