I’m hoping that as the weeks go on there will be less and less to write about. This past week has been a good week, with nothing out of the ordinary to mention. I’m feeling thankful to just be able to keep carrying on. Little movements are becoming more strong and more frequent, and Google searches of random questions are becoming less frequent. The last question I looked up the other day was when counting kicks becomes important, and I found that we have a ways to go (28 weeks), which is actually a nice reminder that it is ok to not be feeling the movement so regularly yet.

Bridget's 21-week bump - Carrying On

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It has been two weeks since our last appointment and three weeks to go, and I am feeling totally at peace with that, which has been a nice change from the anxieties leading up to past appointments. I bought the baby a couple of new outfits, including a coming home from the hospital outfit, and that was fun and made it feel like we really would be bringing this baby home. I’m doing things like this (picking a name, buying clothes, decorating the bedroom, etc.) at a much slower pace than I did with James, but it feels good to be doing them when I am ready and not when I think I’m supposed to be ready just going through the motions because they’re expected. I learned my lesson with our last loss that I/we need to do what we want to do when we feel that the time is right.

The nicest change over the past few weeks has still been talking out loud to baby boy (instead of just in my head) and having my husband and James speak to him, too!

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