By the time this post goes live tomorrow (Wednesday), I will have had my anatomy scan and appointment with my OB.

This appointment could not have come at a better time as I had a mild freak-out moment on Sunday.  

Bridget's 19-week bump - Needing Reassurance

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After writing last week about how much reassurance I had been getting from feeling baby boy’s little movements, I woke up Sunday morning and didn’t feel anything discernible through the afternoon hours. I told myself more than once that it is still so early to feel any consistent movement and that it was ok and not to worry. Even with telling myself this I was chugging ice water to try and bug the baby into kicking me, to no avail.  

Then, after lunch, I went to the bathroom and had some blood on the toilet paper. Any reassurance I had been trying to instill in myself earlier in the day vanished, and I panicked.

After recently feeling proud of myself for doing what I think has been a remarkable job at controlling my worries and fears I did end up calling the on-call OB looking for reassurance or guidance on whether or not I needed to be checked out. Thankfully, it was my OB on call for the weekend because it meant that I didn’t have to explain why this moment had me freaked out. She validated that I’ve been through some scary stuff and then explained why everything I was telling her did not make her feel worried. I did my best to take her logical and reassuring thought process to heart and go on about my day. My gut tells me everything is fine, but my brain sure likes to play games. In the meantime, I’ve been taking it easy, skipping my usual workouts, and doing my best to enjoy some of the warmer weather despite the rain and cicadas (yuck!).

The good news is, as of today, I am feeling some movement.

This has been immensely helpful in keeping my mind at ease, and I am looking forward to my appointment and learning more about the growth and development of our precious boy. Here’s to also hoping that making it through this appointment will sustain me with confidence and reassurance to make it to the next appointment with less worry. And feeling more baby kicks!

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