Looking through my blog posts so far, I feel as though I’ve been on a roller coaster. Some weeks feeling really confident and other weeks not, with other weeks feeling in between. I told someone this past week that I feel like I’m just living from appointment to appointment. The high and reassurance gained from one appointment lasts a few days, and then I start counting down the days to the next appointment. I saw something as I scrolled Instagram from Your Pregnancy Haven that said, “Pregnancy after infertility and loss is… always chasing the next milestone, so you can feel ‘safe,’” and boy, did I feel that. Seven more days until my 19-week appointment and the anatomy scan.  

While I was so excited for this appointment with our son because I couldn’t wait to see him, this time I am a little more nervous.

I’ve had a few friends in the last few years with concerning findings on their scans (some turned out to be nothing, and some turned out to be serious), and as I’ve said before, I know I’m not special or exempt in any way to get to avoid the scary stuff. I am also well aware of how many millions of things have to go right in order to have a healthy baby. My prayer for this next week is that we get to hear the words, “Baby boy looks fantastic!” One thing to ease the anxiety a little bit is that my husband is going to come with and we’re going to make a date day out of it which we’re looking forward to!

Bridget's 18-week bump: Living from Appointment to Appointment

Author’s Personal Collection/Bridget Wicherek

Other than the anxieties of making it to and through each appointment, life has been good.

Unlike last summer when I felt like I was living in a bubble, afraid to do too much out of fear of loosing our baby, this spring/summer I feel like I am living. I’ve been able to continue working out with some modifications, our son finished up his first year of preschool and seems to be thriving, we are enjoying backyard and park playdates and birthday parties, and I am doing my best to soak up the 1:1 time with our son because I know that life is going to change drastically when the little one arrives.  

One of the best things about this past week is that I am pretty sure I’m starting to feel little baby movements, which has been great and what I’ve been anxiously waiting for! 

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