Rainbow Birthday Cake

Image by Regnauld Buntario used under Creative Commons license

We’re coming up on a few birthdays. Believe it or not, Pregnancy After Loss Support is almost four years old. (Editor’s note: stay tuned for ways you can celebrate with us!) My book, Joy at the End of the Rainbow, launched on June 24th of last year. It seems as good a time as any to reflect on what the past year has brought us.

If you’ve just discovered PALS, welcome!

This is the ultimate club of mixed emotions. We wish more than anything that you didn’t have to be here. We wish that all pregnancies were joyful from start to finish, never had any complications and certainly that no one had to experience the devastating death of a child.

All the same, we’re glad that you’ve found us and hope you can find support in these pages. Women from all walks of life experience pregnancy loss and each of us has a slightly different journey. As you read through the blog entries or get regular updates on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, some of the writing will resonate. Some won’t. And that’s okay. There is room here for women with all kinds of losses, with all kinds of journeys through life.

This past year we’ve welcomed Holden and Frances, Colbie and Eli.

We’ve followed their journeys into this world through the Bump Day Blog and are excited to see them earthside! Perhaps the only thing that comes close to the joy of holding your rainbow baby in your arms is seeing another mother give her newborn rainbow a cuddle. I see those birthing pictures and know the absolute elation, joy, and excitement mixed with disbelief (she’s really here!?!), fear (can I do this?!?!) and yes, a twinge of sadness (Oh, how I miss my boys…).

PALS is reaching so many Courageous Mamas.

We have reached 20,000 followers on Facebook. Our Facebook groups have over 25,000 members, where people can share their struggles and give help to those who need it. We have local in-person meetup groups too!

Then there’s my book, Joy at the End of the Rainbow.

I have a letter on my desk from an unnamed publisher. They had expressed interest in publishing Joy at the End of the Rainbow, and I’d had several e-mails back and forth from the editor. Finally, I got a rejection letter. “While your writing is of interest to our editors, we just don’t believe there is sufficient market for a book of this kind.”

As of today, we’ve sold 916 copies.

*Photo source: “Rainbow Cake” by Regnauld Buntario on Flickr, licensed through Creative Commons 2.0.

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