It is no secret that pregnancy after a loss can increase your anxiety and stress levels. Yoga is hands down one of the best ways to tackle these problems, and can render several benefits on you and your little one.

1. Yoga and meditation go hand in hand. Deliberately relaxing your body, your mind and your spirit is an excellent way to ease your worries and focus your energy on the prize at the end of this well-beaten path by many women who’ve gone on before you.

2. Yoga can help with your delivery. Studies show that yoga can decrease your chance for any complications that could occur during childbirth, as well as decrease the amount of pain you might experience.

3. Yoga increases blood circulation. I’d say that one is pretty important for obvious reasons, but personally I wish I’d known that while I carried my two “rainbow” babies. I was diagnosed with MTHFR, a blood clotting disorder, and I can’t help but wonder if simple yoga exercises might have helped those pregnancies at all.

4. Yoga can decrease your chances for preterm labor.

5. Yoga is said to improve your sleep, reduce back pains and get you more in tune with listening to your body.

6. Yoga is a time for self-care, which is vital not only to your own health but the health of your baby which can feel an extension of what pulsates through your heart and veins.



I love the convenience of yoga, and how you can do it in your very own living room. There are hundreds and hundreds of websites, blogs, YouTube videos and even books on poses that you can do while pregnant. Below are a few favorites:

YogaGlo – an online Yoga classroom where you will be guided with experienced Yoga instructors. The classes are available to you at anytime, in your own home or on the go. There is also a library of different poses, all listed alphabetically. They currently have almost 60 classes dedicated to pre/post-natal (some poses you can even practice with your baby, once he/she gets here!).

Fit Pregnancy – Helpful article with explanations for each pose, and helpful pictures are provided for each pose as well.

Pregnancy Yoga Resource – a wonderful website with many resources on prenatal yoga, yoga poses, relaxation methods, and more.

Fit Sugar – this article provides some safe poses to practice while pregnant to relieve lower back pain (score!)

Skinny Ms. – Free prenatal yoga videos for different stages of pregnancy

Body Talk Daily – More free prenatal yoga videos you can do at home! – has many DVD’s and books on prenatal yoga as well

If you are able to attend yoga classes in person, all the better! You can ask around, your local gym or simply google “prenatal yoga” + your zip code/ city/ state/ territory.

*Yoga isn’t for everyone, and before engaging in exercise be sure to seek your doctor’s “okay” on any sort of extra physical work.

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