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About Tina Greer

Tina Greer is a wife and mother, currently residing in The Quad Cities, Illinois, with her husband and daughter. In October of 2012, their daughter, Juliette was born. Tina dove in to motherhood head first, determined to be the best for her sweet girl. Within the first year, Tina quit her day job to focus fully on being a mommy. Just 15 months after Juliette was born, Tina and her husband were terrified when they learned that they were expecting again. Fortunately, as reality set in that they were now parents of two, the excitement soon followed. Then, at 20 weeks they learned that their baby boy's heart had several defects and while they were all operable, these defects had never been documented all in one heart, making his chances of survival less than ideal. On top of his CHD he also was asplenic, making him even more susceptible to infection. After given the option of termination of pregnancy several times, Tina and her husband knew that wasn't an option for them. They were going to take this child as he was: a precious gift from God. On September 22, 2014, their son Abraham Isaiah was born at 37 weeks and 5 days. He was born blue and turning gray and had to be revived and intubated immediately. Abraham was given a 20% survival rate through the cath procedure to open up an obstruction in his pulmonary veins in his first 24 hours of life. By God's amazing grace, he made it. His vitals started improving and he started looking more like a healthy baby. At 3 weeks old Abraham had his first OHS to reroute his pulmonary veins. His heart was healed, but he developed an infection that went septic and his tiny body couldn't fight it. At 17 days old, on October 9th, 2014, Tina and her husband chose to take Abraham off life support, after diligent prayer and confirmation in their decision, and end his suffering. As 15+ of their closest friends and family stood around them, they sang "Amazing Grace" in harmony and handed Abraham back to Jesus. Now just 7 months after Abraham's death, at 14 weeks pregnant, Tina is trying to grieve while praising God for new life, all while weathering the storms of pregnancy after loss. You can read more about Abraham at her blog Dear Abraham where she addresses letters to Abraham and expresses her grief, joy and the ever-changing emotions of raising a toddler.
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