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About Sherokee Ilse

Sherokee Ilse is a fellow traveler along this dark, bumpy road that begins when a baby dies. Having had three losses (Marama, Brennan William, and Bryna), she understands heartache (and the fears and tremendous joy of having two living sons). She has mourned hard and worked harder to help soften the journey of living through and beyond these treasured losses, always honoring the parents' love. She has authored 18 books and booklets on the subject of loss and healing, including my first and most popular self-help book for parents and families, Empty Arms: Coping with Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Death.  She also help families with miscarriage (Miscarriage: A Shattered Dream), prenatal decision-making (Precious Lives, Painful Choices: A Prenatal Decision-making Guide) and even teaches childbirth educators how to speak of unexpected outcomes as a normal part of their class (Presenting Unexpected Outcomes: A Childbirth Educator’s Guide). She also co-authored Couple Communication After a Baby Dies: Differing Perspectives with Tim Nelson. For the past three decades, her mission has been to improve the care of families experiencing perinatal/neonatal loss and reaching out to help these families find strength, understanding, and resources to help with their healing.  She works as a volunteer Parent Advocate and support care providers through consulting and ongoing education on perinatal loss and bereavement. You learn more about Sherokee Ilse's website: BabiesRemembered.org.
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