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About Saskia Volders

Saskia Volders is a 25-year-old living in Belgium indulging in all things art and parenthood. She and hubby expected their first baby, a girl, due on the end of June 2015. At 29 weeks their love bubble burst when they found a brain anomaly and after weeks of waiting and testing they found out that she had a chromosomal disorder with potentially fatal consequences. Being in Belgium a special meeting was set up and within 5 minutes doctors and jury gave their verdict that their little girl was better off in heaven. Both Saskia and hubby didn’t want their daughter to be in any pain so at 32 weeks baby drifted off to eternal sleep and received her name. Eleni was born, beautiful and still. Five months later they are pregnant again and thrilled to have Elli’s sibling, but also scared and uncertain in how this new journey will turn out. Saskia addresses her posts both towards her son Alexander and towards her grief for the loss off Elli. She has written about her journey on Saskia Volders.
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