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About Nicole McRaney

Nicole McRaney lives in Dallas, TX with her husband, Colin, and their two dogs, Molly and Charlie. Since October 2013, she and her husband have experienced three early pregnancy losses. The first, around 6 weeks, was determined to be ectopic. The third, in January 2015, she carried for 8 weeks. In the midst of the struggle and grief that comes with pregnancy loss at any stage, Nicole has found strength in sharing her story with others. She believes that it is important that we share our stories of loss so that other moms and dads will know they are not alone. In her work as a chaplain at a children's hospital, Nicole puts that strength to use in comforting others in their own times of grief and struggle. She uses her faith to explore the struggle surrounding grief, as well as the hope that often comes hand in hand with that struggle. She writes about her journey through pregnancy loss, as well as discussions on faith, chaplaincy, and vintage sewing on her blog, Restless Weaver.
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