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About Loni H.E.

Loni H.E. currently lives in Denver Colorado with her husband Matthew and their beautiful son Meyer. Losing her full term daughter Aisley in August 2012 during labor was the most painful tragedy she has ever experienced. Her love for Aisley has only grown since she passed away and she makes time to honor her often. Despite Loni’s grief, her dream of having a family never faded and after nine months she felt frightened but ready to try to conceive Aisley’s little brother or sister. Her second pregnancy was one of the most challenging, frightening and empowering experiences of her life. All the risk was worth it as she welcomed her beloved son, Meyer, into the world on January 8th 2014 (six days before her birthday). You can read about Loni’s journey at her blog, A Girl Named Kevin and on her Facebook page.
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