About Hyedi Nelson

Hyedi Nelson currently resides in Minnesota with her husband, dog Cole and cat Sam. In her first pregnancy, Hyedi miscarried at 5.5 weeks. After getting pregnant again in December of 2013, Hyedi and her husband grew cautiously more optimistic once they made it to the 5.5 week milestone, and then even more so after the first trimester. At the 20 week anatomy scan, right after they found out they were expecting a boy, the ultrasound technician noticed a spot near their baby’s heart that concerned him. Hyedi and her husband were sent to see specialists the following week for a level II ultrasound where their baby was diagnosed with a pericardial teratoma with a presence of hydrops fetalis. There were few treatment options available. Fetal surgery was initially presented as a possible course of action, but because of the poor outcomes and high risks associated with it, it eventually was no longer recommended. The doctors hoped that their baby would hold on until 32-34 weeks when he could be delivered and then if he were strong enough, he could be operated on at that time to have the tumor removed. But at 29.5 weeks, Hyedi experienced a Premature Rupture of Membranes and was admitted to the hospital to try and keep her pregnant for as long as possible. But later that evening, after a BPP/NST showed that their son’s condition was deteriorating, their son was delivered via C-section. Their son, who they named Charlie, was born on July 3 and passed away peacefully in Hyedi and her husband’s arms 34 minutes later. Hyedi is currently pregnant again and will be documenting her journey, including all of the ups and downs, and everything in between. She also blogs about her journey to living a healthy, balanced life at Finding a Balance.
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