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About Dorienna Alfred

Dorienna M. Alfred, Ph.D., PMH-C is a licensed psychologist and certified perinatal mental health provider. She is the owner of Works of Faith Wellness and Consultation, LLC, a private practice centered on maternal mental health services in Columbus, Ohio. She is also author of the book, Pregnant with Promise: A Spiritual Journey of Pregnancy, Bed Rest and Childbirth, a memoir of her experience with loss and high-risk pregnancy. Dorienna is mother to two angel babies, one was an early miscarriage, the other a son named Joshua, who was stillborn at 19 weeks in 2006. She has two rainbow babies, Brandon who was born in 2007 and Jalen who was born in 2009. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and sons, scrapbooking, and Zumba.
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