About Cortney Galster

Cortney Galster is the voice behind The Mommyhood Project, a baby and parenting blog that follows the journey of a working mom in the frigid tundra of Minnesota. In May of 2014, her world was shattered when she found out at 25 weeks pregnant that her sweet baby girl had passed away. She recounts the hellish experience of loss, while trying to balance her days with light and hope, on her blog. Cortney's life was irrevocably changed on that fateful May morning and she now works to help support other parents through those moments of grief through her writing while also navigating the world of life after baby loss herself. Her days are blessed with her beautiful two year old son, Ricky, loving husband and she is currently pregnant with baby number three, due in April 2015. You can also connect with her on Twitter or Facebook.
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