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About Aria Carlson

Aria Carlson is a wife, mother, artist, and a writer. She lives in Tucson, Arizona, with her husband and son. Five months after they were married, Aria and her husband were surprised when she became pregnant. In May of 2012, their son Toby was born. Aria struggled at first to embrace motherhood, since it happened earlier than she was planning; but her heart softened and her desires of being a stay at home mom to lots of littles began to blossom. After Toby’s first birthday, Aria and her husband were excited to learn that they were expecting again. Unfortunately the pregnancy ended in an early miscarriage. It was a difficult journey, but Aria found healing and courage to try again. In October of 2013, she became pregnant again. At 16 weeks Aria was diagnosed with a subchorionic hematoma and put on bed rest. At 18 weeks she was diagnosed with a partial placental abruption and told to continue bed rest. During her 20 week ultrasound she was told that the placental bleed was healing and was hopeful for a good outcome. At 21 weeks Aria experienced severe abdominal pain so her husband took her to the hospital. They were told there that she had experienced Premature Rupture of Membranes (she thought it was just bleeding from the hematoma/placental abruption) and that there was no more amniotic fluid. Aria and her husband fought to find compassionate care in an effort to save their baby. In February of 2014, their daughter Zuri Rose was born at 22 weeks 1 day; they had five beautiful minutes with her before she passed away. Now 15 weeks pregnant, Aria is trying to grieve with grace, while navigating the challenges of a pregnancy after loss. You can read more about her journey, and the many adventures as the mom of a toddler, on her blog The Suburban Hippy Momma.
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